New single from Martin Hoybye: ”Fall”

Single form the upcoming album.

Single form the upcoming album.

Singer and songwriter Martin Hoybye is now releasing the second single from his upcoming studio-album which will be out in the summer of 2015. On ’Fall’ the acoustic guitar takes the backseat for a moment while the troubadour lets the band groove its way to full throttle and downright funkiness.

The lyric is based on a play on the word ’Fall,’ while the message is one of unrequited love. Something has to give. And the overall sensation of desparate confinement is augmented by the repetitive call-and-holler-tradition which Hoybye borrows from in the verses. Thereby delivering a pop song with something widely akin to a blues lyric. (Won’t you make me fall, Won’t you make me fall, Fall out of love with you, oh, tell me why, Why won’t you make me fall).

Danish National Radio ‘P4’ has playlisted the track, and you can listen on Soundcloud and/or download the single on iTunes.

The personnel on ’Fall’  is: Martin Hoybye on guitar and vocals. Dennis Ahlgren on bass and guitar. Johan Berg on keys. Peter Seebach on percussion, and Nicolai Funch on drums.  The full album will be out in 2015 and is produced by Dennis Ahlgren.

Title: Fall. Relase date: February, 3rd, 2014.

Label:  Songcrafter Music,

Contact: Roar Amundsen,, 31199500